Your Custom VW Van


Welcome to your custom van build. It doesn’t have to be a VW either – just specify what you would like!


All the Basics

Let us know the basic requirements for your vehicle.

All the Essentials

We’ll help you pick and choose all the essential options for your vehicle.

Special Requests

Make any special requests you might wish, anything we haven’t thought of!


Please fill out the below questionnaire to get the details for your vehicle correct. Once you’ve completed the questionnaire you’ll need to pay a deposit to secure your build slot. You can either pay £5000 towards your vehicle build, pay £500 to reserve your slot for up to 10 days, or wait for your quotation and then pay 10% of the quotation – but until this is paid we cannot hold your slot for you.

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    All details will be checked and confirmed later in your project management system so these are to help obtain a guide price only and can be tweaked later.

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    Please enter the base type for your vehicle, or leave blank for a VW Transporter.

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    T4T5T6VitoViano4 Doors5 DoorsTailgateBarn DoorsOther

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    3 i.e. front bench only456789

    Check the box(es) for wheel, brake & suspension options - we will deal with these in more detail later. Specify additional options below. All vehicles receive a Stage 0 Tune.

    18 inch alloys19 inch alloys20 inch alloysLower on original suspensionLower on coiloversFront big brake kitRear big brake kitStage 1 TuneStage 2 Tune

    If you want any other features within the basic van, please specify them here:

    Vehicle Colour

    Please enter details about your vehicle colour here. All details will be checked and confirmed later in your project management system so these are to help obtain a guide price only and can be tweaked later.

    Please enter the base colour for your vehicle. This can be anything you'd like. Please specify colour only.

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    If you want a secondary stripe/coachline colour, specify it here as clearly as possible (this will generally be coachlines on your grilles, wheel interiors or flashes, brake caliper colour; coachlines to mirrors etc.
    Make any other colour notes you'd like.


    Please enter details about your vehicle bodywork here.
    Check the box(es) for the bumper/splitter styles you would like. You may pick more than one. You'll specify finishes & types later.
    Full Front Sportline Bodykit with splitter, grille, new style mirrors & rear spoilerUpgraded Rear Splitter & Exhaust FeatureSide SkirtsRoof RailsSide Steps/BarsExtreme BodykitJust a standard exterior, please

    Exterior Lighting & Electrics

    Please enter details about your vehicle exterior lighting & features here.
    Check the box(es) for the lighting features you would like. You may pick more than one. You'll specify styles & types later.
    Front Sportline DRLsFront FoglightsFront Sportline Style HeadlightsAngel Eye HeadlightsXenon HeadlightsSide Skirt LightsRear Smoked LightsRear LED LightsSpoiler-Mounted Third Brake Light

    Check the box(es) for the additional exterior features you would like. You may pick more than one. You'll specify styles & types later.
    Front Driver CamRear Driver CamFront Parking SensorsRear Parking SensorsReversing CameraElectric DoorsElectric StepRear TailgateRear Barn DoorsTinted Windows

    Interior Fit-Out

    Please enter details about your vehicle interior upholstery lighting & features here.
    Check the box(es) for the features you would like. You may pick more than one. You'll specify styles & types later.
    Recolour Door Cards/HeadliningRecolour CarpetsFitted Seat Covers to match paint or in custom coloursReupholster Seats in VinylReupholster Seats in LeatherMatching Steering WheelRoof Lights AdditionalStep Lights Additional

    Entertainment System

    Please enter details about your vehicle entertainment system here.
    Check the box(es) for the features you would like. You may pick more than one. You'll specify styles & types later.

    Front Cockpit
    Most of these items and obvious things like MP3, CD playback, are going to be fitted as standard. Any specifics can be noted at the end and will always be triple-checked before build commences. In addition if there are particular brands you'd like to work with please specify - otherwise we recommend Pioneer audio.

    SatNavReversing Camera on TVDAB RadioTouchscreenApple PlayBluetooth PhoneDVD PlaybackPassenger Video ScreensiPod ControlAndroid ControlFront SubwooferWiFiMultifunction Steering Wheel

    Rear Cabin
    Conversely, unless you specify items below, we'll assume an empty rear cabin.

    Leisure BatteryCeiling TVPlaystationXBoxHeadphones for passengersUnderseat StoragePassenger charging pointsiPod Video ConnectionsRear Speakers x2Rear Speakers x4Front SubwooferUnderseat LED LightingAdditional Headrest TVs: 123456

    Any additional requests
    Your vehicle will come with several extras such as soundproofing, speaker soffits etc which we will discuss further on your project management system, If you want anything not mentioned above, for example a different coloured roof, 2 sets of wheels (with summer & winter tyres), heated seats, left-hand drive or any other additional options, please note them below.

    What’s Next?

    Once you’ve pressed Send on your quotation, you’ll receive a copy of your answers by email. We’ll have received them too, and we’ll then prepare a quotation for you. This quotation will give a Minimum Estimate and a Maximum Estimate. These figures will vary dependent on how much info you’ve given, and will give you a firm idea of your potential outlay. We’ll then ask you to pay 5% of the Maximum Estimate as a deposit to confirm your build (generally around £2,000). Further payments will then be requested at key stages i.e. when your vehicle is ready to purchase, when parts are required, before painting, etc according to varying payment schedules which you can choose from – info on this will be sent with your Quotation.

    Important – your build slot is not reserved until you pay your deposit. If you definitely wish to go ahead, we recommend you reserve one of the slots above. To do this, you need to pay either £5,000 into your Build Fund, or £500 minimum deposit to secure your slot, using the links above. If you wish to wait until you receive your quote, thats of course fine; but the slot will not be held until deposit is paid.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much is it likely to cost?

    Dependent on the options you select above, your final quotation will be anything from £25,000 to £40,000. We’ll provide an estimate with 15% accuracy or better, within 1-2 working days of receiving your questionnaire.

    Why can't you provide an exact cost?

    We can, once the vehicle is in hand and we’ve given it a full safety check. Primarily the reason we give a cost range to begin with is to allow us to work with you to keep things on budget and as economical as possible.

    Its simply the nature of the work we are being asked to do; cars and vans are complex pieces of machinery and its impossible to accurately estimate every variable without giving a very high estimate and working down.

    In general our estimates are well researched and likely to be very accurate and of course if one part of the build over-reaches on budget, another part can be curtailed. We’ll always limit any increases to the originally quoted min/max price range.

    What is your refund policy?

    As this is a custom vehicle build, we cannot offer a refund. If you decide to change your mind, we may at our discretion sell the vehicle privately and refund you the money you’ve paid thus far.

    What else is included?

    Your vehicle will be selected from a suitable model for refurbishment, or your own vehicle. We’ll then check the suspension, brakes, engine and electrical systems, deal with any rust or repairs, and finish the vehicle with your desired trim, entertainment and paintwork options. We’ll source all the parts, undercoat the vehicle if necessary and provide it to you in the condition you’ve requested. We’ll provide photographic updates along the way, and a dedicated custom printed manual for your vehicle’s new and existing features. We’ll deliver it to your door either on a flatbed, or personally to give you an induction session, whichever you prefer.

    What mechanical work will be done?

    Whatever is necessary. At minimum the vehicle will receive a full fluid change, new belts and plugs, and pads, discs and a magnetic sump plug, together with a full check of systems (this is a Stage 0 tune). Dependent on the work requiring done the vehicle may have new brakes, suspension etc. and this may necessitate tracking arms, bushings etc to be replaced. A full report on the work required will be provided once your vehicle is selected and examined. We would expect the vehicle to be supplied to you with a full MOT, clean bill of health and nothing expected to go wrong with regular servicing. We provide a 6 month warranty as standard. We can provide a service plan or extended warranty with your vehicle, costs on application.

    What warranty do you provide?

    We will examine the service history of the vehicle and replace anything that is likely to reach the end of its lifecycle within the next 1-2 years. All work we do is warrantied in full against error, and all parts provided will be warrantied by the manufacturers for the statutory time. So your new parts may have 1 -2 year warranty, we’ll warranty the vehicle itself and anything else for 6 months, and can provide extended warranty or service/aftercare plans at additional cost.

    Any other questions?

    If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime using the Get in Touch button above. Its best that you fill in the questionnaire to the best of your ability so we have enough info to discuss your requirements, but if you are struggling, please call us to discuss the option. These questionnaires are custom-written for your vehicle and needs, and its possible we’ve made a mistake! Its easy for us to change and update this questionnaire for you.