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StopTech Brake Pads

New for 2017 – 308 Street Performance Braking Pads

We have the full range of StopTech pads, discs and calipers available for sale. We have now launched the 308 pads on the site and will be offering discounts both as a launch sale, and an additional £10 thank-you to customers and social media friends.

Are 308 pads right for you? Choosing the correct brake pad starts with an honest assessment of the driver’s typical driving style and conditions. For example, if the vehicle is driven 80 percent in highway commuting conditions, 20 percent on canyon roads, and zero percent on the track, then a StopTech 308 Street pad will likely offer the best combination of stopping performance, low dust and low noise.

If the vehicle is frequently used for track days but also as a daily driver, it might be better served by the StopTech 309 Sport Pad – provided that an even transfer layer of pad material on the rotor is maintained by periodically re-bedding in the pads. For track days, StopTech bolt-in caliper bridges make swapping over to dedicated track/race pads for the day of the event even easier.

New from SVS

We are pleased to have the full range of StopTech’s new 2017 pads. Today we are launching the 308 range, which replaces the previous Street Performance pads, adding 2 levels of pad to the range; 308 “Street” and 309 “Sport”. 309 pads are suited for autocross and occasional track use, where the new 308 pads are for fast road and street performance.

308 Pad Features

  • All new performance pad from StopTech
  • Superior Braking Performance for “Street” Driving
  • Lab-Tested, OE-Style Design and Features
  • Rotor-Friendly, Low-Dust for Cleaner Wheels
  • Dyno-Proven Shims for Quiet Operation
  • Positive Molded for Consistent Performance

Available Now

  • Scorched to Ease Bed-In
  • Premium Hardware for Precision OE Fitment
  • Dyno Tested for Max Performance & Service Life
  • Platform Specific Friction Compounds
  • Ideal for Daily Driving and Touring

Claim Your Discount Now

We are running a launch sale on StopTech 308 Pads until the end of April. Get an extra £10 off this week only for website subscribers and subscribers to our social media. Use code SVS308MARCH at checkout to receive your discount.

StopTech Brake Pads

: New for 2017 – 308 Street Performance Braking Pads – full range for US, UK and JDM vehicles now available from SVS