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SVS have now got the full Nitron range for sale online. If you are looking for a Nitron Shocks Discount, be quick – launch discounts last for the next 2 weeks. For this week and next we’ll have Nitron products on at unbeatable rates.

We originally became dealers for Nitron Racing Shocks over a year ago – just before we launched the company, and just before our planned premises fell through. Fast forward a year and we have finally got our fingers out (we moved into the revised premises a few months back, and opened yesterday!).

So the full range of Nitron Shocks are available online from SVS now. If you are looking for a Nitron Shocks discount this may be your only chance – we are running a limited-time launch rate for this week and next and after that, we expect to be turning over stock faster than we can order it.

All Nitron Racing Shocks are both developed and manufactured in the UK, using cutting-edge design and Nitron’s own patented high-pressure gas monotube damper systems, together with titanium bodies, hard anodized parts and beautifully finished damper springs to produce some of the best-looking, and best-performing, coilover shocks in the world.

Designed to reduce unspring weight, most Nitron shocks are intended to be fitted inverted. Systems vary from the NSS Street System, to Fast Road and Track variations with 40mm and 46mm pistons, and for many models including the R3 and Lotus Race variants, a choice of adjustable dampers with 1-way, 2-way or 3-way damping control, and external reservoirs to mount remotely or piggyback.

As partners to the Bloodhound speed tests as well as many race teams including most of the Lotus Race Teams around the globe, Nitron’s pedigree is assured.

Kits come with helper springs and fitments where necessary, increased rear wheel drop for extra cornerning grip, and even bearing kits where necessary to improve the locations to which the shocks are fitted.

Hand made to order, lead times are normally 3-5 weeks but at certain periods may take longer.