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Goodridge Hoses


The full line of Goodridge Hoses are now available at SVS.

This is dealership we’ve held for several months, but sadly existing car modification work has prevented us from getting Goodridge Hoses online for a while. As we do client work, from old Austin Healey and Rovers, to mid-80s and 90s Lotus and Mitsubishi, to modern German vehicles, we have found ourselves using Goodridge Hoses exclusively to ensure that when we restore a vehicle, the brakes perform and last.

With vintage brake systems, we cannot in any good conscience restore to full working order a vehicle, without ensuring the vehicle stops safely. We never eliminate brake hoses from this work; we’ll generally rebuild all the hard hosing, and we use Goodridge for the soft sections. The Vintage Black (ribbed and matt finish) allows us to use modern, premium, and lifetime guaranteed hoses, in any situation.

In many cases when we are unsure of a vehicle’s provenance, we’ll rebuild the brake system. This of course includes master cylinder, hard lines, proportioning valves, and we can never re-use a soft brake line; so we will always replace with Goodridge Hoses. If you ever have a vehicle refurbished or restored by SVS, Goodridge Hoses are the product we’ll use to deliver power to the floor. As we have an eye for design, we will often incorporate Goodridge hoses into the colour schemes of vehicles; for example our Custom T5 Touring Van uses orange hoses to match the secondary colour.

The fact Goodridge Hoses offer over 13 colours is perfect for SVS. We are always looking for companies that match our eye for design, with our need for competence, reliability and longevity. Every vehicle we build is designed to be delivered to a customers’ door with every aspect dealt with: rust; rubber wear; glass temperament; illumination performance; audio performance….all of these are not only key to an enjoyable driving experience, but essential for driver and passenger safety.

Any vehicle in need of restoration requires several basic operations. One of the most basic, is soft brake hose work from the hard lines to the caliper. For this to be done economically, safely, and with every emphasis on performance and aesthetics, we have always used Goodridge. We are delighted to offer these hoses to customers performing their own works.

If you want to find out more about Goodridge Hoses, check out our Landing Page.

You can also visit the manufacturer site at Goodridge Brake Hoses.