We are a small, privately run company. We’re not a multinational or a faceless corporation, and so we don’t bog you down in pages and pages of terms and conditions. We believe we take a little more care than most; and we ask customers to understand that due to the specific and rare nature of some of the products we offer, we can’t prepare them until they are sold, so despatch may take a little longer than buying a mouse-mat.

Please also note that due to a spate of recent commitments to purchase, which have then been broken, we can no longer offer the following courtesies:

payment via PayPal for custom orders; we can only accept PayPal for off-the-shelf items. As we have no way of enforcing this on the site, please understand that in certain circumstances or for new or overseas customers, we may at our discretion refund your PayPal payment and request you make alternative payment arrangements for such items to reduce our liability for fraud

holding goods back from sale for more than 5 working days; if you ask us to prepare a quote for single parts in stock, we will agree again at our discretion, to remove these parts from our website for up to 5 working days. This is on the understanding that we receive payment within 3 working days. At the end of this period we may without warning you, automatically replace the parts for sale if they have not been paid for. We would ask that customers do not leave this until the last minute as unfortunately the circumstances may end up that the parts are then bought by another customer online. Even if you pay after the deadline this might mean you either miss out, or have to wait for future production.

– ordering in custom items for collection; we will no longer be able to order up stock for you for collection at our showroom without it being paid for. Sadly due to several large orders being placed and agreed to be paid at point of sale, following which customers have not turned up to collect or paid, we cannot do this any longer. If you wish us to order up parts, tools or equipment for you for collection it has to be shipped to us and represents a non-refundable purchase from our suppliers. Therefore we need to invoice for the goods before ordering them, once you have paid for the goods they can be ordered for collection.

If you need to know more about how we run our business, then we’ve broken down the way we do things into 6 sections.

Despatch Times

Shipping Costs

International Shipping

Parts Condition Guide

Returns & Refund Policy

Custom Vehicle Build Terms

Aftermarket & Second-Hand Parts