SVS Big Brake Kits

SVS are proud to announce our own range of Big Brake Kits. We have spent over twenty years restoring vehicles. Our unique take on this is not just a nut and bolt refurbishment – we always seek to bring a vehicle to the state we believe the designers would have intended, should it be manufactured in the present day.

This means that a 1950s Austin, intended to be a fast, exciting road car, will require at minimum a full engine rebuild to bring it back to the way it was intended to perform. A 1970s Lotus will need tuning and enhancing to perform amongst its peers. A 90s JDM supercar, should hold its own against supercars from the 21st century.

In restoring vehicles back to the state we envisage the designers would have desired, tuning and performance is only one side of the coin. There is no use in super-performance, without stopping power. Brake kits are our first love and its with great pride we launch our own kits to the market. Stop-Tech is our recommended brand, but ST don’t provide for the vintage and 80s market. In addition our love for precision detailing and modification means that aesthetics are very important and our kits come with over 20 anodized, and a further 20+ powder-coated colourways.

If you want a more “stealth” install we can provide our kits with no logo for a small additional fee.

Our big brake kits are precision CNC engineered from the finest materials specifically for your vehicle, directly replacing stock brakes. All kits include calipers, rotors, brackets, lines and shims for two wheels, and have a 2 year warranty.


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SVS Big Brake Kits – Caliper Options

We offer calipers in 4-, 6-, and 8-pot configurations. Within these ranges we offer disc sizes from 304 right up to a giant 430mm, allowing you to pick the perfect option for your wheels. The table below shows the minimum wheel sizes and configurations we offer.

Caliper Size Disc Size Wheel Minimum Size
4-Pot 304x26mm 16″
6-Pot 304x26mm 16″
4-Pot 330x32mm 17″
6-Pot 330x32mm 17″
6-Pot 345x32mm 17-18″
6-Pot 356x32mm 18″
8-Pot 356x32mm 18″
8-Pot 380x32mm 19″
8-Pot 405x36mm 20″
8-Pot 430x36mm 21″

SVS Big Brake Kits – Discs

Our discs are made from super-high-grade FC30 iron alloy with a thermic anti-rust coating which ensures your discs are protected from moisture. They utilize large vents to dissipate heat more efficiently. Centre caps are made from aerospace grade aluminium; hard anodized for improved durability. Each disc is manufactured to a tolerance of +/- 0.02mm to ensure perfect balance; all discs are tested to our stringent QC before shipment, and we offer both fixed and floating-rotor designs, in drilled, slotted and drilled + slotted formats.

Our fixed rotors are a 2-piece design, meaning the hub-mounted section expands and contracts with heat at a different rate to the pad contact section, ensuring the best possible performance at street level.

Our floating rotors allow the braking surface to float on the hub, negating the affect of metal expansion and reducing the possibility of discs warping during heavy street/road or race use. Floating rotors offer even better heat dissipation than our fixed models, with a faster cool-down rate from high temperature; this eliminates brake fade over prolonged periods of heavy braking and makes them ideal for track use, while ensuring they still perform at low-temperature; ideal for cars used both for track and daily driving.

Vented Discs (Plain)

The friction surface of a vented rotor/disc consists of two metal discs held together with vanes of metal (cooling vanes) which create tunnels that let heat escape.  This is the most common type of disc. This greatly increases the discs’ cooling performance. Solid rotor discs are very uncommon on front brake kits, but more common on rear systems where performance is less important than cost. For aesthetics, we can drill and slot both solid and vented rotors. Our kits are designed to offer performance and looks in equal measure so its rare we would install plain discs but they are of course available as an option.

Drilled & Slotted Discs

Drilled & Slotted discs offer the best of both worlds. Although some feel this amount of material removed from a disc can reduce its structural integrity, this has no basis in fact.

As a real-world example, we have installed these discs on our Volkswagen T5 custom vans – used as a daily driver and Europe tourer, one van has had the same discs for 4 years without the need for replacement. Out of interest, we recently serviced the vehicle and the pads required changing after approx 3 years of daily driving and touring; the discs remain like new.

Slotted Discs

A smooth rotor offers a full-face friction surface for the brake pad to grab and act against. This creates a lot of friction, which helps to stop your vehicle, but it also creates a lot of heat, which can prematurely damage, warp, or wear-down braking components under high-stress braking. Under heavy braking, pad wear and “outgassing” can cause a layer of dust and gas to build up between the pad and the rotor surface, dangerously decreasing friction and causing “brake fade”.
Unlike a smooth rotor, the slotted rotor has channels, or “slots” as the name implies, machined into the friction surface of the rotor. These slots allow for gas and brake dust to escape, resulting in better contact between the pad and rotor. As microscopic debris and gas are vented away from the pad, they naturally follow the path of the slot across the surface of the rotor, spreading out the heat and reducing likelihood of warping due to overheating. Slots can also provide more initial “bite”; thereby increasing braking effectiveness whilst maintaining a smooth and responsive pedal feel. A slotted rotor offers less initial friction, but under fast road or track conditions, it offers more consistent hard braking performance. Aesthetically, you can choose this option with no concerns for general daily driving. Performance-wise, this is a choice that will bear dividends for frequent braking situations, however a slotted disc will wear faster during pure town driving.

Cross Drilled Discs

Cross-drilled rotors are frequently factory issue on high-end sports cars. Drilled airholes provide an escape for gas and dust buildup between the brake pad and disc. They also provide direct cooling to the surface between the pad and disc by venting air straight through the cooling vanes of the rotor. This increases usable surface area, lowering temperatures during sustained braking, and increases initial brake bite in wet weather by allowing water to quickly escape the braking surface before it affects initial braking. While it’s generally true that slotted rotors are often more durable under true race conditions, for the enthusiast with spirited driving in mind, drilled rotors offer not only better cooling and wet-weather performance but also look great behind your wheels.

Floating Rotors

Floating rotors further separate the braking surface to ‘float’ on the hub, further reducing the adverse effects of metal expansion and reducing the possibility of discs warping at high temperatures. Improved heat dissipation means they cool down more quickly than standard rotors, which reduces brake fade over prolonged periods of heavy braking.

SVS Big Brake Kits – Pads

All our kits are supplied with our high quality street, sport or race brake pads. All pads are backed with heat plates to improve heat dissipation and reduce noise.

Street Pads

Street pads are included as standard, and are recommended for drivers that want quiet, low-maintenance brakes on the road. They exhibit low dust (we’ve all bought “stuff” pads that are more bother than they are worth) and therefore are more economical; they’ll still stop you dead, but will start to fade after 4 or 5 heavy high speed stops in quick succession. If you want Fast & Furious street driving, you’ll want Sport pads.

SVS Sport Pads

Sport pads are a great middle-ground option. Although not as quiet as the street pads, the cold bite is right up there, they allow great friction, and you have to push them extremely hard to get any hint of fade. Suitable for light track and fast road use.

SVS Race Pads

Our Race pads are designed for pure track use only. They offer high friction, warm bite, and zero fade in both rally and circuit disciplines. Thy require thorough bedding-in to maintain a good transfer layer on the rotors, and trade off high performance for short life. This extremely high-performance compound is recommended purely for serious rally or race driving.

SVS Line Locks

The Line Lock in Action

Ford Focus RS Mk2

F.A.Q. about SVS Big Brake Kits

Here are some common questions about SVS Big Brake Kits


I can't see my car model?

We are constantly testing, developing and adding more models. If you don’t know of a model with which your vehicle shares a configuration, simply contact us and we’ll advise, set up the correct model & config, and work out a custom price for you.

Do you hold stock of kits?

We don’t hold stock at our East Lothian workshop of these kits. At our factory we of course have pre-built 4-, 6-, and 8-pot calipers in stock but these are kept unfinished, as are the discs which we also have large stock. Once you select your kit, we’ll anodise or powder-coat your brakes, engrave them, drill and/or CNC slot your discs, check, pack and box your kit and then send it to you.

How long do orders take?

Orders take 3-6 weeks to produce and ship to your door. Because of the vast array of configurations, orders are custom produced. They then undergo visual inspection and QC checks before shipping to you. Braking is serious business and we never cut corners to rush orders out.

Can you fit these for me?

We can of course fit these for you at our fully equipped workshop in East Lothian. Fitting ranges from £100-£200 generally and we will always quote you a fixed rate before starting. Any rate quoted assumes your vehicle has no rust or welding issues that will require additional work.


What about brackets, brake lines etc?

Each kit includes a set of DOT compliant stainless steel braided brake lines, with waterproof PVC coating. They are vehicle specific, so additional adaptors are not required. The lines also have clips attached to make life easier when installing.

Brackets are made from high strength steel alloy, manufactured specifically for each vehicle application. Again, no modification or adaptors required.

What is the handbrake Line Lock system?

One problem that holds people back from installing race-grade rear brake kits on cars that have an e-brake rather than a handbrake drum is the parking brake function. Most brands of brake kits on the market don’t have a solution for this, so the parking brake will no longer function. Fortunately PB has the answer in the form of our patented line lock system.

The concept is very simple, and works in much the same way as OEM caliper line locks operate. The line lock modules come attached to our caliper mounting brackets, so you don’t need to mess around finding a place to mount them. The line lock and bracket assembly mount onto the vehicle hub with 2 bolts only, just like any other rear brake kit.

Once you have them mounted it’s simply a case of connecting the OEM handbrake cable to the lever on the line lock, and adjusting the threaded bolt until the cable is tight when the handbrake is disengaged. Then all you have to do is bleed the line lock modules in the same way you would the calipers and you’re ready to go.

Now when you apply the handbrake the pistons on our rear calipers will extend and lock in place. They do not lose pressure like other handbrake solutions, and allow enough braking force for rally and drifting applications where handbrake turns are necessary.

Kit Cars

Can you supply brakes for my kit car?

We can provide brakes for any kit car you can imagine. For most more common vehicles we’ll have a product off list. If you can’t see what you want, use the form above to get in touch with us.


How long will my order take to ship?

Shipping once orders are created is via overnight courier.

Can you ship internationally?

Of course we can ship internationally for you; you can easily place an order on the website for delivery worldwide.


If I don't like my brakes, can I return them?

As this is a custom built product, returns can not be accepted unless an error has been made in production. All work is guaranteed fit for purpose and sold under Distance Selling Regulations.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write us at or call us on 0800 084 3084

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