Reconditioning Services

We refurbish, restore and repair any kind of part you can think of. We also remanufacture parts from your originals to better-than-OEM specs.



Even out-of-production turbos can be completely overhauled to the highest specifications.



Repaired and refurbished by post. Proven gains in performance, longevity and power output.



All types of metal brackets and fitments blasted clean, smoothed, then polished, anodised, water transfer printed, or any kind of finishing you need.

Plans and Pricing

Its difficult to provide pricing as every case varies, but generally we can refurbish an alternator from £60-£120, a turbocharger from £300-£400, and other parts within that range dependent on complexity. Non-moving parts which simply need a cosmetic refurb are much less expensive. Its best to contact us by phone to discuss your requirements.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Just wanted to call and say thanks for the work on the exhaust. The new custom one fits perfectly and its definitely freed up a lot of performance from the car.

Ross McCullough

Volvo T5 Turbo

Feedback on the custom rear hubs, bearings and discs……….

The owner of the garage near me (*** at *** Garage, ***********) fitted these for me today and was well impressed with the engineering:

“really neat bit of kit and fitted nae problems at all”

On Public Forum

Lotus Elan M100 Custom Rear Hubs

Just wanted to say cheers for the arch & brake treatment. A thought a kept ma car pretty well but its amazing the difference its made, stops properly too now! Cheers

Keith Ramsay

Honda CRX

Frequently Asked Questions

What other services do you offer?

At present we offer the following services which we are adding to the website slowly but surely. We offer most of these services by post so we can work on your car through the week, returning your parts for fitment by you on the weekend!

  • brake caliper, turbo, alternator and starter motor refurbishment/overhauls
  • diagnostics by post (call for details or check back soon)
  • design and production of aftermarket parts in stainless and carbon steel
  • detailing, bodywork and paintwork
  • blasting, welding and anodising of existing parts

More parts and services are added weekly but if you need something, call us 24/7 and we’ll advise.

Shortly we will be offering ranges of detailing, refurbishment and restoration products and tools.

How long does part refurbishment take?

We quote 2 weeks for most orders, aiming to return them in 1. Ideally if you remove parts on the weekend and courier them to us on Monday for arrival Tuesday, we’d look to despatch the following Wednesday for arrival Thursday (giving a days’ grace, you know what couriers are like!). To get them back to you for the following weekend we’d need to complete the work in 2 days and while this is sometimes possible, its often difficult; if you need work planned and done quickly, just contact us to book it in.

What colours can you anodise?

We use anodise as a shorthand, we can cold zinc galvanise, yellow or clear white zinc passivate, and anodise or powder-coat parts in virtually any colour, we also offer anodised-like powders for the best of both worlds. Its always best to chat things through but if you are in a rush you can use the buttons above to book in an “anodising” job at £50, get a job number and send it up to us, then when we have the parts in front of us we’ll finalise the quote – we always have to do this anyway as parts can vary in their suitability.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.