In Car Entertainment

In Car Entertainment

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From DAB Radio to Sat Nav, from headrest to roof-mounted televisions, to high quality speaker installs, lighting and leisure power solutions, there are lots of ways to improve both the quality and range of in-car entertainment you can enjoy in your vehicle.

Whether you’re looking to occupy the kids on long journeys, spice up a dull commute, or make the quality of your audio commensurate with the quality of your car, most vehicles are supplied with woefully inadequate sound quality.

Soundproofing and speaker mounting upgrades can improve audibility in noisy vans and people carriers. We can add reversing cameras and dash cams to your install, integrated to improve comfort and safety in daily use.

Business & Communications

Bluetooth & handsfree dialing, in-vehicle internet, storage, mounting and charging solutions allow the business professional to keep in communication with their tools of the trade fully charged and integrated to their vehicle’s entertainment system.

If you need safety aspects such as fog or floodlighting, comfort & services for business or commercial passengers, or more industrial solutions such as battery banks, generators or fleet tracking systems, we can perform any kind of electrical install to your vehicle seamlessly and satisfyingly.

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