High End Valeting

We can bring your car up to a concours standard. Starting with a professional and gentle deep clean, we’ll remove not only surface dirt but embedded ferrous particles and correct any paint defects. We’ll lift surface dirt from seats and then extraction clean all your fabrics & carpets, cleaning right down to the shuts before applying fresh grease to all moving parts.

Once your car is cleaned, advanced products are used to restore paint depth and consistency, polish up chrome, restore and re-colour black parts and remove brake dust from wheels before polishing commences.

Polishing brings a new lease of life to your paint, following which protective products are applied to paint, wheels, glass and chrome to give a flawless finish which requires nothing more than a foam clean to maintain; repelling dirt, brake dust and fallout.

Cosmetic Enhancements

We can provide additional enhancements such as painting or powdercoating your brake calipers, recolour and soundproofing wheel arches, undercoating your vehicle to improve longevity or repairing/recolouring soft-top hoods, tinting glass etc.

Combining some of this work with basic servicing requirements can extend your vehicle’s life, improve safety, and save you money and time in preventative maintenance, improving your performance and making you and your passengers more comfortable and secure.

We can also provide you with top-up products to allow you to maintain your vehicle’s appearance over time, or provide staff at your home or work to perform this service for you.

Concours Standard Shine

Increase Sale Value

Increase Safety & Longevity

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