Lotus Elan M100 Refurbished Turbo – with rebate option


Original Lotus Part Number: A100E6127H (this is the part we use)

Replacement / aftermarket code: VE130073 – £1071 + VAT no longer available

Beware of ‘close’ or ‘similar’ chinese turbos quoting these numbers, the authentic full spec turbo is obsolete and no longer available.

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Lotus Elan M100 SE or S2 remanufactured turbo. IHI (the original manufacturer) and most of the major companies in the area will tell you the parts are no longer available but using a mixture of refurbishment, replacement with exact fitment parts, and custom work, we can provide a turbocharger that exceeds OEM spec. As part of the product cost, we will bore the wastegate to your choice of sizes to match a larger exhaust and throughput. Maximum recommended size is 22mm, and our standard recommended size is 21mm. All turbos have a brand new wastegate actuator, splines, seals, and vanes are either replaced or rebuilt.

Once received, we offer a £155 REBATE on your existing turbo when returned, making total cost £595 – if they were available, list price on these items is £1,750, and when they occasionally pop up in the EU prices exceed E1,100 – making this exceedingly good value.
Subject to your proof you follow our installation instructions, the item is warrantied for 12 months from supply date.
Any questions please call us. If you have a BOV setup or any custom requirements, we can deal with them.
We have ALL Lotus Elan M100 parts available for swift supply. Contact us via the Contact Us link for more info, or register with us for product updates.
Cost is for the turbo itself; the down pipe, manifold shown in the pics are for illustration purposes only.
Note that due to high recent sales of this product, as of March 2015 delivery time on these will increase to 5-6 weeks from order.