Gaz Shocks – GOLD (GGA) Kits

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Gaz Shocks GGA kits for most models of cars.

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Gaz Gold height adjustable kits are a premium range of suspension units designed for tarmac motorsport and the serious track day enthusiast.

Most of the GHA Listings are available in the Gold range with the addition of strut kits for the classic and retro car market i.e. Lotus, Cortinas, Escort, Mexicos, Capris, Lancia Integrale and Evo‘s. The features are:

1. Front and rear units adjust bump and rebound from a single control knob on the side of the unit.

2. Struts and semi struts have 62mm bodies for increased oil capacity. These units are fitted with 22mm diameter induction hardened piston rods that are hard chrome plated for strength and durability.

3. All units have multi lip sealing. The outer seal is a metal encased wiper to clean the piston rod. This in turn extends main seal performance and oil retention under extreme conditions.

4. All the Gold range are fitted with a gas cell in the outer reservoir and filled with a high viscosity index multi grade oil to prevent cavitation and reduce fade in motor racing conditions.

5. The coilovers and telescopic units in this range utilise lightweight billet alloy components where possible, i.e. bases, end fittings, seats, lockrings, rod guides and gland nuts. The outer tube is steel with a black zinc plated coating to provide the best anti corrosive finish possible. All outer alloy components are anodised.

6. A full range of springs are stocked at the factory for road and motorsport use. 

If your vehicle is not listed here, the shocks may be available as pairs of fronts or rears here.

Of course as all Gaz shocks are made to order, we can provide shock absorbers for any model of car including kit cars and special orders. So please Get in Touch if you have a query about Gaz shocks – or use the chat function below; where you can also connect to us on social media.

All of the marques/models specified are available in the standard Gaz GHA kit or the top-specced Gold line. GAZ GHA are primarily intended for modified road car use, while GAZ GOLD are premium height adjustable kits for tarmac motorsport and the serious track day enthusiast. Both kits can be tweaked for rally, pure race, track day or fast road use.

This page will show you the full options and costs for the GGA (Gold) range, which we can also provide in Black Nickel. Should you wish to browse other ranges specifically and add options, click to visit the specific product ranges here:

GHA (Standard)
Individual & Pairs of Shocks
Performance Kits (Vintage & Classic)

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Gaz FAQs

If you are struggling to find a kit for your car, either use our chat feature to get in contact immediately, or use the Gaz Enquiry Form to ask any specific questions. Kits contain full shock products for the vehicle specified: 2 front, 2 rear shocks with fitted springs. Adjustment spanners and appropriate fitments are also included.

Costs exclude VAT & delivery. Photographs are for illustration purposes; while the manufacture type and finish will be accurate, obviously the final product you receive may differ from the picture in terms of size and fitments.

N.B. These kits can obtain much lower ride heights for show purposes only but the vehicle should not be driven at these levels as the steering and drive shaft joints can lock out.