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StopTech Sports Brake Kits

Stoptech Sports Brake Kits

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Stoptech Sports Brake Kits from SVS – all makes/models including UK, US and JDM vehicles. We supply the full range of StopTech Brakes including discs & pads.

StopTech Brake Kits are among the best in the world – thats why we stock them! The kits provide you with larger rotors to increase heat dissipation, and greatly reduced fade, stainless steel lines to reduce system compliance, and optimum brake balance from specially stiffened calipers.

Each Sports Brake kit comes with the StopTech patented 2-piece Aero Rotor with specially shaped airvents for optimised cooling. The fully forged 2 piece opposed iston calipers have the lowest amount of flex among 25 of the leading caliper models (including some monoblocks) from well-known manufacturers, utilising the patented bolt-in bridge which is strong enough to stop distortion without sacrificing the cooling through the top of the caliper.

All brackets (in gorgeous Dark Iron colour), lines, pads, discs and fittings are provided and the calipers are available for most vehicle fronts, rears in a 2, 4 or 6-pot model, in red, black, yellow, blue, silver or new gold (available on all models from March 2017).

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