Vintage Suspension Replacement

We can provide all forms of Vintage Suspension Replacement items from shock absorbers, dampers, springs and coilover units, to full conversion kits, for a wide range of vintage and kit vehicles.

A prime example is the Rover Group MG Midget, Sprite, MGB, MGB/GT, MGC and MGC/GT cars for which we provide conversion kits from the original lever system to a damper based system.

The following is a list of common vehicles for which we have complete suspension solutions, some of which may require the strut or original damper to be sent to us to be rebuilt.

However we can produce shock absorbers in any length, diameter and with any stroke length, with any type of fitment to the ends; so whatever your project, we have a custom option to suit you.

FordCortina Mk I – All Models (Excl Lotus Cortina)
FordCortina Mk II (Excl Lotus Cortina)
FordEscort Mk I (Early Models)
FordLotus Cortina Mk I
FordLotus Cortina Mk I (Rear A Frame Models)
FordLotus Cortina Mk II
LotusElan Coupe + 2.S130 Adj Spring Seat Ver*
LotusElan Sprint S1-4 – Adj Spring Seat Ver*
LotusElite I
LotusElite II
LotusElite II – Adj Spring Seat Ver*
TalbotHillman Imp – Adj Spring Seat Ver*
TalbotSunbeam – All Models Incl Lotus & Ti
TriumphGt6 Mk I – Adj Spring Seat Ver*
TriumphGt6 MkII – Adj Spring Seat Ver*
TriumphGt6 MkIII – Adj Spring Seat Ver*
TriumphHerald – All Models – Adj Spring Seat Ver*
TriumphSpitfire MkI/IV – All Models – Adj Spring Seat Ver*
TriumphTR2, 3, 3a, 4
TriumphVitesse All Models – Adj Spring Seat Ver*
VauxhallAstra Max Diesel