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Its great for us to sell parts quickly, it frees up inventory space and when pricing parts, although we’ve tried to be as diligent as possible when comparing prices, there are always deals around. Although we feel our parts have a more personal touch, that has to be reflected in the occasional mistake and having a more personal touch to pricing, therefore we are happy to entertain offers on parts. Obviously we won’t accept massive reductions but if you feel there is a product or part you’d like, and its overpriced, make an offer and help us to improve our service. Our general policy when pricing is that items are initially listed at what we think is a fair “going rate” value. When we price check, we then apply the following formula:

– 20% less than dealer cost for the same item new (if genuinely available)
– if items are currently available on eBay we will match any Buy it Now offers for the price . If only completed items are available on eBay, we will average the dealer and eBay cost including shipping, then reduce the 20%
– if items are no longer available, we will take a similar item for a similar vehicle (for example, for a Lotus Elan M100 we may take a Pontiac Fiero, or Mazda RX-5) and quote the cost of a current aftermarket part
 As you can see, while we try to be fair to all clients and obtain a reasonable value, its hard to ascertain a product value when items are out of production and there is little market. We therefore ask our clients to consider our large storage costs and the costs of purchasing, stripping and holding these parts. We also offer additional discounts to some car clubs. If you’d like to be added to this list and offer discounts to your members, then Get In Touch.

If you believe we’ve misquoted an item, then please fill in the form below, making sure to quote the reason why you think the part is overpriced, and somebody will be in contact just as soon as possible. Do note that the offer system does exclude shipping, but our shipping is charged only for the largest item in your basket, and one size does not fit all, so again feel free to use the Any Other Info box to talk about shipping or collection.

Do note however that in contrast to private sellers we have rent, labour and storage charges to consider, so we reserve the right to reject offers at all times.

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Exchange Parts

Many of our refurbished parts are available with an exchange discount – for example, send us your old turbo and we’ll refund a portion of the cost of your refurbed one.