Discounts for LEC Members

Lotus Elan Central Discounts

We offer a wide range of discounted products to LEC members who’ve been on the site longer than a month. In general all you need is the code LECM100DISC and to provide your username in the checkout order notes. However sometimes the discount is more than the usual 20%, sometimes less, so you might need different codes for different parts. This page lists all of those codes and a list of the most popular parts that you never knew we provided!

Tools & Cabinets

We offer 20% off tools, workshop equipment and cabinets from manufacturers such as Beta, Laser, Gunson, Kamasa and Ryobi. We also offer free shipping within the UK for you.

Lotus Parts

Missing a part? We’ve got most second-hand parts and repair kits in stock together with a range of new items which you get 20% discount on.

Performance Parts

We offer over 40 different brands, from AirREX air suspension to V-Maxx Brakes and everything in between including Gaz, Nitron, Stop-Tech, Powerflex and Goodridge. Discounts vary across these brands.

Repair & Upgrade

We have a fully outfitted workshop and can offer LEC members a discount on labour whether its a full restoration, respray, MOT repair or simply getting it up on the lift for you to poke something underneath. We have no objection to you working with us on your car.

Most Popular Elan Products

We’ve got information on some of the most popular products for the Lotus Elan below.

Stainless Steel Wishbones

We’ve uprated the OEM wishbones and produced in stainless steel brand new items. Your standard discount code LECM100DISC will get you 20% off these items and the new bushes if you need them – fitting is pre-discounted to £40 for bushing insertion.

Gaz Shocks

We sell all Gaz shocks and you can get 15% off a full set of shocks for the Elan, or any other car, using the code LECM100GAZ. We can produce the shocks in standard, silver nickel, or black nickel plating.

Custom Rear Hubs

Made out of carbon steel, milled with wheel bolt threads and a disc retaining thread. Inner bearings pressed in and sealed in an aerospace-grade chamber. Outer bearings provided to insert on installation. 2 hubs, 2 bearings per side. Back Order Only – expected delivery late 2016.

Nitron Shocks

We sell all Nitron shocks and you can get 10% off a full set of shocks for the Elan, or any other car, using the code LECM100NITR.