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Goodridge Brake Hoses

Goodridge Brake Hoses provide high performance stainless steel braided brake line kit for almost every vehicle imaginable. As the world-leading provider of brake lines and fittings, not only are a complete range of pre-assembled brakeline kits available, but we can also create kits for almost any vehicle.

Stainless Brake Lines

Goodridge stainless braided brake lines are the standard in professional motorsports. Most vehicles use a hydraulic brake system. That means the braking power is caused by fluid expanding in the brake caliper. The brake lines of a vehicle have to carry that fluid from the master cylinder to the caliper, and they have to do it quickly. Cheaper brake lines will stretch and bulge under strenous conditions, causing mismatch in the desired feel from pedal to brake. A proper brake line kit eradicates this and maintains or improves correct pressure from the solid brake lines that carry the bulk of the line length, to the caliper. Compare this to a boxer wearing gloves. The full force of the punch travels down the arm to the fist. A boxing glove has a spongey gel inside which dampens and spreads the force by expanding. This is the opposite effect we want from our braking where a precise application of force is required. Improper (read: cheap rubber) material for the final line from copper to caliper will flex massively; this causes sponginess under heavy duty use, and can even result in catastrophic failure under hard race use; certainly you would never wish to use an improper material (or one designed for simple day driving) in fast road or light race use – let alone under competition conditions.

Goodridge brake hoses remove any uncertainty from your braking setup. When tuning cars, we can only go so far if we cannot stop properly. Any modification-ready vehicle is built under huge price constraints from the manufacturer; if its putting out 150bhp, its going to have a braking capability to suit. If you want your 150bhp from manufacturer vehicle to perform at 195, or 245 or higher, you need to be able to stop as well as go.

Goodridge brake hoses are the last and only kit you will need. Each kit features the finest quality hose, consisting of a PTFE inner with a stainless steel outer braid. This eliminates any spongy feel under heavy braking conditions, giving much greater braking efficiency or clutch operation as well as providing superior resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

In layman’s terms this provides a hard teflon line, which is resistant to expansion. It has to curve and flex to move with the wheel as it turns. Rubber “works” but more expensive materials are available and are utilised to the fullest in Goodridge brake hoses.

Our car hose kits, not only provide the reliability, performance and safety demanded but offer brilliant good looks that improve the appearance of any installation. A huge range of colours satisfy any need for the modified car market; and SVS of course offer full installation of any Goodridge brake hoses we sell, on site in our fully equipped workshop.

With the largest application listing of any company and an unmatched reputation backed by champions worldwide, there is no reason to choose anyone else bar Goodridge.

Are OEM Brake Hoses Not Acceptable?

Of course the first question you’ll ask is “is my WRX, or Integra, or (insert your favourite/current vehicle here) made incorrectly? Of course not – its simply made to a budget. On first year use, the brake lines are going to be acceptable. By fifth year, they will be counted under wear and tear by your manufacturer, and therefore not covered under warranty. Regardless of whether you go to your approved dealer, or a local shop, you’ll end up with replacements that cost a few pence less, and are instantly going to degrade.

Goodridge Brake Hoses have a lifetime warranty. For a small additional cost you’ll find improved performance, comfort and above all, safety when you put your foot down; whether its to avoid a pedestrian, an accident, or to prepare for that competition-winning corner.

There is a reason Goodridge have developed and manufactured hoses for F1, Thrust 2, NASCAR, and almost every major rally team. We even provide hoses for classic cars with a retro black rubberised vintage look coating.

Read on to find out more, or browse online to see the full range for your vehicle type.

Ask About Goodridge

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Colour Range

Goodridge Brake Hoses are available in 12 main colours, together with a Vintage Black for classic vehicles.

Colour & Hose Options

Hoses come in two types; Stainless Steel, and Zinc Plated Mild Steel. Zinc plated mild steel provides a great value option for every application, and stainless steel is guaranteed corrosion resistant.

We offer a range of 12 PVC coverings plus Vintage Black (on all Classic kits) – colour codes and example images are shown above. In addition there are often many special and limited editions such as Shadow and Phantom available – we’ll always let mailing list customers know about these items and may list them on the site from time to time.

F.A.Q. about Goodridge Brake Hoses

Here are some common questions about Goodridge Brake Hoses.


I can't see my car model?

In general all car models can be provided for. For example although we don’t list a kit for the Mitsubishi GTO we produce these kits regularly as a custom option. Any requests, simply get in touch with us using the chat below or the Contact Us button at the top.

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