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SVS are proud to supply the full range of Gaz shock absorbers and accessories

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Gaz Shocks

SVS are proud to supply the full range of Gaz Shocks – performance shock absorbers for the aftermarket, modified and vintage customer. From full race kits, to upgrades or simple lowering, there is a product for everybody. For custom and kit builds, or refurbishing your vintage vehicle to make your car perform the way it was originally intended, there is a product for you.

If you don’t know much about the range; here is where to start, with a full overview of the products available, frequently asked questions and a guide to the range of products and accessories. For anything you need to know, you can ask direct and we’ll answer your query definitively and quickly.

The Range

The Gaz range encompasses a very extensive range of dampers and suspension kits for the road and motorsport market, hand built to the highest standards in their factory in SE England. All units have a multipoint adjustment system with a single knob that alters bump and rebound settings on a preset ratio 3:1, 2:1 etc – struts and inserts in the road range are fitted with a top adjuster that changes rebound only, but bump setting can be altered for motorsport use when you order. Read on to find out more about kits, fittings and applications.

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Gaz Shocks – Shock Types & Models

Gaz GHA Kits

The mainstay of the Gaz range, GHA height adjustable kits are the standard kit we offer. They feature the usual on-car damping adjustment, 25-65mm ride height adjustment, zinc plating, coil springs which you can adjust to suit your needs. If a coilover can’t be used a seperate damper & rear coil spring is provided, often with a variable spring platform to retain height adjustment.

Gaz GGA (Gold) Kits

A premium range of suspension producs for more track-orientated use, and most GHA have a GGA version. GGA kits are available for the retro track market eg Lotus, Cortina, Escort, Lancia, Evo etc. With all the features of the GHA kit plus 62mm bodies for increased capacity, 22mm induction hardened piston rods, multi lip sealing and gas cells in the outer reservoir. Made with lightweight billet components.

Double Adjustable Race Kits

Built to custom order, we can provide double adjustable (bump and rebound) coilover dampers specifically for competition or serious track use, made from high tensile alloy with induction hardened piston rods, and high viscosity index fluid with an internal gas cell to reduce cavitation. Kits can be built for almost any application with various end fittings including self lubricating spherical bearings.


Sold as part of our individual and performance kits, the GAI damper is a top adjustable telescopic insert, which will enhance the handling of your classic or competition car. GAI dampers are produced with various bump rates for road or competition cars. Appropriate rates are set per vehicle, but can be adjusted to suit your application. Rebound is set via a 20 point control knob. The damper can be provided in standard, short -30mm, or extra short -60mm for lowered vehicles. As with all Gaz products they come with 2 years warranty and TUV certification.

Gaz GT

Gaz GT dampers are a very extensive range of telescopic dampers. You’ll find these in most of our performance kits for vehicles like Porsche, MG, Triumph, Renault, BMW, Alfa etc. Very suitable for classic and performance cars from the 50s through 80s, they’ll give just the right blend of classic feel with modern performance. Built in various open and closed lengths to suit your vehicle, you’ll find these a great solution for original ride height or lowered vehicles. They have a zinc plated body and a protective plastic sleeve to keep them looking good and safe from corrosion. Bump & rebound is adjustable from a single control knob.

Gaz GP

The Gaz GP coilover is a height and damping adjustable unit for road and competition use. Available in two diameters; the smaller 1 3/4″ body takes mainly a 1.9″ ID coil with a 12mm piston, and the 2″ body units have a 12-14 or 16mm piston rod with a wide range of spring seat sizes. All GP units have a gas cell in the outer reservoir to prevent cavitation and resist fade, and are produced with a wide range of fittings, from bonded or polyurethane bushes, to self-lubricating spherical bearings.

F.A.Q. about Gaz Shocks

Here are some common questions about Gaz Shocks.


I can't see my car model?

Please either make sure you have checked both the Performance kits and the Full kits pages – your vehicle should be listed on one of the two. If its not, you can use the Ask a Question form to the top left to see if we produce a kit already. If we don’t, we’ll work to create a kit for you – Gaz shocks can be created in a range of diameters, lengths and joint ends, so this does not have to cost the earth!

Can I get my order sooner?

We can always try to supply orders sooner but this does depend on the current build portfolio. We will always try to help where we can, but we cannot accept orders on the basis of a specific deadline. Its always worth trying to get in touch with us to see if we have your model in stock, but if it has to be build you need to assume the 3-6 week timeframe.

How big of a drop can I get?

Typically the adjustment range on the dampers is between -25 to -70 M/M, a lot of the dampers have thread cut into them that go all the way down the damper and this is because it would take a long time to work out how much thread to cut into the damper on each model to work out how much drop is required for each vehicle, this is why we just put the maximum we can fit on there and then common sense is required from customers to know that they cant run the car at the lowest thread on the unit. Guaranteed is 25 to 65mm drop on most models.

Can you fit these for me?

We can of course fit these for you at our fully equipped workshop in East Lothian. Fitting ranges from £100-£200 generally and we will always quote you a fixed rate before starting. Any rate quoted assumes your vehicle has no rust or welding issues that will require additional work.


Do the GHA kits come with bump stops?

In general GHA (standard) do not whereas GGA (Gold), Gold Pro, and Adjustable Race shocks come with progressive bump stops. We can fit bump stops to GHA kits for you but most people tend to use the originals as these are perfect for the vehicle they were supplied with.

Do you still offer the blue anodised option?

We used to do Nickel plated Gaz Gold units with blue seats and lock rings etc. however the company that anodised it all for us said it was very difficult to get the shade of Blue the same every time, if the tank was something like .5 of a degree out in temperature then the shade would completely change and it was very hard to get a set that all looked the same colour! Luckily Black is Black so we have opted for that these days.

What is an adjustable spring seat?

For a lot of vintage vehicles we offer both an original and adjustable spring seat.

If there isn’t an option for adjustable spring seat then the  damper is either a telescopic one or has a fixed pan that sits the original springs on. For example, the E-type damper we manufacture has a big fixed spring seat welded in position that sits the original equipment on as opposed to being a height adjustable coilover.

Kit Cars

Can you supply shocks for my kit car?

We can provide shocks for any kit car you can imagine. For example a rear damper for a Robin Hood 2B is £186.99 ex VAT & carriage. For most more common vehicles we’ll have a product off list – have a look in our Performance Kits to see products for cars such as Westfield, Caterham and Lotus Seven. If you can’t see what you want, use the form above to get in touch with us.


How long will my order take to ship?

Most orders of Gaz shocks take 3-4 weeks to complete. This time may be longer during busy times (winter, off-season and just after Christmas). We will keep you updated as to your progress.

Can you ship internationally?

Of course we can ship internationally for you; you can easily place an order on the website for delivery worldwide. Please take care that there are no handed options on your LHD car, that may necessitate a change in production.


If I don't like my shocks, can I return them?

As this is a custom built product, returns can not be accepted unless an error has been made in production. All work is guaranteed fit for purpose and sold under Distance Selling Regulations.


Do you do a kit for the VW Caddy?

The VW Caddy we do sell as a kit it is GHA 522 and retails at £519.75 + carriage & VAT. We need to know what size hubs the customer has as they will either be 50 M/M or 55 M/M diameter, the rear dampers we supply two lengths one for the standard ride height and the other is lowered to suit the flipped rear axle. We don’t supply the shackle kits only the 4x dampers. For reference the fronts are GAZ-4914 which is the same as the Mk5 Golf and retail at £162.60 + springs £25 and the rears are Gt6-5263 for the shorter damper and Gt6-4852 for the standard height and both retail at £57.80.

Still need help? Send us a note!

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