Custom Vehicle Build Terms


You will be provided with a questionnaire detailing all relevant queries to the build of your vehicle; this will give you info on the vehicle history, model variants, original colours etc, and ask appropriate questions – for example, for a custom van, you’ll be asked about seating, in-car entertainment, camping facilities etc, and for a vintage car, you’ll be asked about things like trafficators, headlight upgrades and heating. Common items such as upholstery, custom requirements such as children’s entertainment and lighting, will all be discussed, and you will have an opportunity to suggest any special features you require.

This process is designed to give you the best idea of the costs involved, with appropriate variations for various methods.

Following receipt of your questionnaire, we will give you an overall estimate based on the criteria you give us; this will be based on 2 figures; the Original Estimate (minimum), and Original Estimate (maximum).

Once provided with this quotation, if you approve the job to go ahead, we will ask for a 10% deposit based on your Original Estimate (maximum). This indicates your authorisation to go ahead with the work.

Base Vehicle Selection & Payment

We will then undertake an exhaustive analysis of the work involved in your project. While not directly chargeable to your project funds, the non-returnable deposit covers the time for this work.

During this process, we will consult with you to establish Primary (“must-haves”), Secondary (“should-have”) and Tertiary (“if we can”) requirements for your project, and estimate costs for these as they relate to the Base Vehicle.

An online project will be set up so we can collaborate on the project and all correspondence thus far will be entered to the system, any contributors, partners, wives or sons will be able to comment and view all correspondence and resources collated thus far.


We will re-work the project if necessary with final, real-world quotations, often exploring several scenarios for your base vehicle, modifications, paint work, interior and audio work, and engine/drivetrain/exhaust/induction modifications. This will allow you to see exactly what products will be used, what labour is involved, and what the cost implications are of every Primary, Secondary and Tertiary requirement for your product.

This will result in one or more final build scenarios for you to decide upon; pictures, variations, decisions and supporting material will be posted to your online project.

We will work (together with the allocated senior mechanic for your vehicle), on any aspects of the project you wish to tweak, after which we will provide a figure to cover your Base Vehicle – the cost for purchasing the vehicle we will be basing your custom build upon. At this stage you have the option to cancel the project and receive 50% of your deposit back, or to commit and proceed; at this stage we will ask you to confirm your payment method for the base vehicle.

Payment Options

Your project will generally be split into 4 phases:

I) Location and purchase of a base vehicle, chassis or kit.

II) Mechanical Overhaul/Rebuild

III) Cosmetic Overhaul/Rebuild

IV) Finishing Touches & Optional Details

Before your build can start you will be asked to pay your Base Vehicle Cost (I).

During stages II-III your deposit will be held as a float, seperate from any costs incurred on parts, to cover workshop space, labour, tooling requirements, travel, sundries and supplier payments. A continual running project workbook will be kept online for all parties to view.

You have 5 options on how to pay for your project after the Base Vehicle is paid for:

I) In Full

Pay the remainder of your Original Estimate (maximum). Before delivery of your vehicle, any additional unanticipated costs incurred will be payable, or if the build has cost less, or recouped costs due to spare parts sales (see below), your excess will be refunded.

Example: Your Original Estimate (maximum) is £10k. You pay £1,000 deposit, and your Base Vehicle charge is £4,000. We then require £5,000 to make your total up to £10,000. Project costs £9,800. Balancing payment of £200 returned to you on delivery of vehicle.

II) Ad Hoc

Pay for each item as it occurs.

Example: Your Original Estimate (maximum) is £10k. You pay £1,000 deposit, and your Base Vehicle charge is £4,000. Each time we buy a part, or exceed your deposit value in labour, you pay the current cost. This can hold up projects and may mean we don’t obtain parts at the best rates for you.

III) Lump Sums

Pay, based on your Original Estimate (maximum), 1/3, 1/4, or 1/5 of your total cost, for Phases II & III. At Phase IV, costs will be revised, and you pay the remaining cost. Final balancing payment or refund may be due.

Example: Your Original Estimate (maximum) is £10k. You pay £1,000 deposit, and your Base Vehicle charge is £4,000.  At start of Phases II, III and IV you pay 1/3 or £1,600 each time. As Phase IV completes, project has costed £9,500, balancing payment of £300 is refunded.

IV) Timed Sums

Pay, based on your Original Estimate (maximum), 10% of remaining cost, at regular intervals. At Phase IV, costs will be revised, and you pay the remaining cost. Final balancing payment or refund may be due.

Example: Your Original Estimate (maximum) is £10k. You pay £1,000 deposit, and your Base Vehicle charge is £4,000. Remaining cost of £5,000 is paid at £1,000 per week for a 5-week project. As Phase IV completes, project has costed £10,200, balancing payment of £200 is due.

V) Weekly (over 16 weeks or build time if different)

Pay your deposit. After deposit, based on Original Estimate (maximum), pay 1/16 or division of build weeks, by standing order each week.

Example: Your Original Estimate (maximum) is £10k. You pay £1,000 deposit, and your Base Vehicle charge is £4,000. Remaining cost of £5,000 is paid at £1,000 per week for a 5-week project. As Phase IV completes, project has costed £10,200, balancing payment of £200 is due.

Balancing Payment

On closure of the project, your final statement from the project workbook will contain a deficit or credit and a balancing payment will be due.

At any stage if the monies paid thus far do not cover the project purchases, we will request a top-up to your balance. This is in addition to, and not inclusive of, your deposit figure, for Phases I-III.

Removed Parts

Some parts may be removed from your vehicle. These parts will be sold by us on your behalf, and the value of the parts put towards the cost of your build. Where we have agreed a discount or cap to labour charges, 50% of this value will be put towards recouping this discount, or cover work that has gone over the cap, respectively. On conclusion of your project a final value of the parts sold thus far will be agreed and a list provided to you of the parts sold, the effect on your final payment, and any parts remaining. Remaining parts, after subtraction of the cost of any discount or cap effects, can be supplied to the client for later sale, or remain on sale via SVS, after sale of which the monies, less any discount, cap effects, and cost of sales/packaging, will be returned to you.

Intellectual Property

Our business naturally depends on the quality of our workmanship. It is therefore necessary for us to show examples of our work and this may include your vehicle. We generally charge a reduced labour rate on the understanding this reduction is given as a thank you for allowing us to promote ourselves with examples including your project.

The intellectual property right to all pictures, video, drawings and any other media depicting your vehicle while we work on it, and once complete, remain the property of the Sky Blue Group at all times. While we will generally give clients high resolution photographs of their finished vehicle, the client agrees that these are for personal use only and cannot be used for any commercial gain or resale without prior consultation with SBG/SVC/SVS.

Furthermore the client agrees that any photographs depicting work in progress, methods and materials used, and our premises, tooling and staff, are confidential information and agrees not to share them with any third party without prior consultation.

The SkyBlue Group agrees wherever possible to hide the registration plate of vehicles we are working on. Should you wish your vehicle to be worked on completely privately for whatever reason, the full labour rate would then become chargeable and should a Non-Disclosure Agreement be required, this to be at the client’s own cost.

Additional Notes & Terms

The SkyBlue Group provides marketing and online services for:

JD Motor Factors, a parts provision company for second hand parts.
Specialist Vehicle Solutions, an online merchant for tools, custom and new vehicle parts, and parts refurbishment.
Specialist Vehicle Creations, a company providing CAD, concept/real vehicle design and vehicle building/restoration for private clients.

All companies are part of the SkyBlue Group but may be independently owned by various legal entities. Thus, some parts of your work will be subject to VAT at prevailing rates. All costs provided are ex VAT. We will attempt to detail the VAT costs inherent in every aspect of your build at every stage, but as some parts may be second-hand, rebought, resold or refurbished, it is difficult to tell what parts of your work will be subject to UK VAT. If we are exporting your project once built, the situation may become more clouded. Therefore you should presume that all costs quoted are subject to VAT at 20% or the current prevailing rate until we confirm otherwise.

All prices are based on estimates, current market rates and current government imposed rates of Value Added Tax. These costs, costs of materials etc, may change. Our costs are not firm guarantees, they are based on the prevailing rates for the work we estimate you need. If costs change for us, they change for you. No part of our estimate, running totals or otherwise provided costs are a price guarantee, and by entering into this contract you agree that if costs change for parts or methods, the cost will be borne by you the client.


If your vehicle is paid for in full by you, either by one of our payment schemes, or by you providing the vehicle, but you fail to pay for works done to the vehicle, you agree by entering into a build contract that the ownership of the vehicle passes to SVC/The SkyBlue Group until such point as both the vehicle, modifications performed, and labour charges thereon are paid for in full. Should you fail to complete payment for your work, you agree that ownership of all parts and vehicles incorporating labour charges, passes to SVC/The SkyBlue Group until such time as you pay for your work. If you fail to pay for your work, we cannot hold your project indefinitely and we reserve the right to sell property after 6 months with no payment received. If forced into this situation, once the vehicle is sold, your costs paid less labour charges will be refunded to you.

If you wish to cancel the project, your 10% deposit, together with any parts, labour, vehicle charges or any other costs incurred by SVC/The SkyBlue Group, in performing work on The Project, must be paid in full. Once all funds are paid covering work to date and the 10% deposit which becomes non-refundable at this stage, your vehicle will be returned to you at the stage reached, once you sign a certificate of indemnification.

Force Majeure

All work conducted is subject to our overall Terms and Conditions and our Custom Vehicle Build Terms. In essence, any work, materials or vehicles not paid for remain our property until such time as the items are paid for, and we will hold such for no longer than 3 months before sale to recoup our costs on unpaid items.

All quotations are estimates only. The final chargeable cost shall at all times represent the total cost of all vehicles, modifications, parts and labour at the current prevailing rates, plus VAT where chargeable. No estimate shall be considered a binding cap or fixed cost.

Until such time as a firm decision is reached by the client on the base vehicle, modifications, mechanical, cosmetic and ICE work, firm costs can obviously not be provided. Any estimate given is not binding on The SkyBlue Group/SVC until such time as the base vehicle and all parts are agreed. Labour is equally an estimate and should additional work be introduced by the client they agree to pay all labour costs incurred. Parts and vehicles may increase in cost outwith our control during the period of the build.