Condition Guide

Please find our guide to condition for second-hand parts.

S – superb

Parts are in excellent condition, as new or close to it. Parts may have dust or dirt present due to storage or shipping and will not be packed as new i.e. no film over glass/reflective plastic, no shrink-wrapping etc. Although there may be light handling marks as these are second hand parts, they are suitable for quality rebuilds or restoration projects and with a little polish, light wiping or cleaning, or general “tlc”, will look “as new”.

R – refurbished

The item has been refurbished, to bring it back to as new or acceptable standard. Occasionally parts may be quoted with both condition and refurbished status for example R, A – an item that has been refurbished to a good, but not superb, standard, for example a wheel arch liner with a repaired crack that will still require painting should you wish or R, B – a wheel arch liner with a repaired crack that may require further strengthening on the vehicle.

A – very good

Parts are in very good condition, for their age. While there may be light wear and tear, stone chips, light surface marks, or other slight defects due to age that a perfectionist might find fault with, the parts will only need mild refurbishment and/or mild cleaning to bring them back to “as new” condition. This is more a reflection of lack of wear, damage or ingrained dirt, than of showroom condition; wheels once sanded and sprayed will have no gouges, plastic parts will have no deep scratching or rough edges, metal parts are uncorroded.

B – good

Parts are in  good condition, for their age. There will be visible wear and tear, stone chips, light surface marks, or other slight defects that a perfectionist might find fault with, but the parts will still only need medium to light refurbishment to bring them back to “as new” condition. There may be small gouges, edge marks, surface corrosion, or ingrained dirt/oil/fluids.

C – average

Parts are in average condition, what you might expect from a breakers’ yard. They will exhibit wear and should you wish to bring them back to top condition, may require more detailed refurbishment. There is no breakage or large chips, cracks or other severe damage.

D – damaged

Parts are damaged, usually the damage will be stated in the listing. They are still usable but may have surface cracks, deep scratches or gouges, or chips from the edges. Parts like this are either non-visible, i.e. a crack in the back of a gauge that is not visible when fitted but nonetheless must be stated before sale, or for spares/repair for example a light fitment with a cracked lens where the back may be salvageable or the lens may be used as a template for a replacement.

N – not applicable

This category is usually used to denote a non-visible part such as a heater blower motor that is working but old, a bolt, accessory or fitment which lacks any cosmetic element, or a working item such as an alternator, light bulb module or other electric device which lacks any cosmetic or testable element; i.e. it works, but we are unable to quote the exact performance in amps, volts or lumens.

Please note: items may be in a good condition but still exhibit damage for example an S grade set of wheels with tyres that are virtually brand new, with new tyres with only a few miles on them, but kerb damage to one wheel in one position. In general any specific damage of this type will be quoted on the item listing. 

All second-hand items are sold “as seen”, and condition is a guideline only, not a guarantee. Item condition is reflected in the price so for example a set of identical wheels may be £400 in S condition and £300 in A condition. The A condition wheels have already been discounted £100 due to their condition so we are unable to discount further if you disagree with products once you receive them, with respect to your statutory rights. If you are concerned about condition you can Contact Us to make an offer on an item or enquire in detail, and you should of course read our Returns Policy.